About Vetrii NEET Gateway

Vetrii NEET Gateway is part of Vetrii IAS Study Circle, which is among South India’s top competitive exam coaching institutes for UPSC & TNPSC. We operate across 7 locations in Tamilnadu and have an impeccable record of flourishing success for our students.

Vetrii has an experience of 12+ years in fulfilling the aspirations of our UPSC & TNPSC students, which has given us the conviction and confidence to aim higher for Vetrii NEET Gateway. Currently NEET coaching is provided at our Chennai and Madurai centers in Tamilnadu and also through Online mode.

At Vetrii NEET Gateway, we kindle our student’s confidence to dream and ignite their passion for learning with our exceptional faculty and their unique methods of teaching. Vetrii is committed to bringing out the best in every student by imparting a strong foundation and equip them with quality skills and abilities to succeed in demanding and tough competitive exams.

Our aim is to provide best quality coaching and reinvent ourselves as per the dynamic scenario of the competitive exams with the ultimate goal of creating an exceptional and enriching environment for our students’ success.